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Bell & Ross and J Something, in association with Mesh, an exclusive new club in Rosebank, invited a select few VIP clients to experience a night of luxury timepieces, a live music performance by Micasa, and the unveiling of exclusive new art pieces.

Guests were welcomed to the trendy and exclusive private club, MESH. Africa’s first curated members club for entrepreneurs to meet and work in the day and connect and socialize in the evenings. Not just a pretty space, but a community that facilitates connections and collaborations in an authentic way. It’s for leaders that are restless, spoilt for choice and hungry for unique experiences. The venue presented the perfect space for an intimate gathering, where guests could network amongst an exclusive group of influential people.

Bell & Ross, well recognized for their iconic aviation inspired timepieces, set up an intimate area for their guests to experience the new novelties from Baselworld 2017, and reveal the long awaited new BR03-92 DIVER timepiece. In 1997, Bell & Ross became the leader in professional diving watches with the launch of the HYDROMAX®, an iconic model which still holds one of the most impressive records in the history of diving watch production. This year, with a wealth of experience in the aeronautical and military domains, master watchmakers, designers and seasoned divers joined forces to create a new professional diving instrument. Building on the strong links forged with the maritime world, Bell & Ross unveiled an all new diving watch featuring the brand’s iconic square case: the BR 03-92 Diver, the first square diving watch created by the brand that offers water resistance to 300 meters.

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Bell & Ross, the ultimate reference in the field of professional aviation watches, with its square iconic shape and graphic lines, launched its Horo line last year with the BR03-92 Horolum. This year, the brand presents two novelties: the BR03-94 Horolum and the BR03-92 Horoblack. Their name comes from «Horo», which is  reference to Bell & Ross’ concept using matt micro blasted steel on the boxes and dials and a sandwich dial for an optimal readability.









The BR03-94 Horolum comes in a limited edition of 500 pieces and brings to mind light thanks to its Superluminova® treatment which facilitates reading during the day and at nighttime. On this chronograph, the color used for lighting landing strips, an intense green light that illuminates the tracks in the dark, is also used in the dial. The three-hand BR03-92 Horoblack comes in a limited edition of 999 pieces, a simple and uncluttered display that features a graphic dial with clear indications.
The identical finish of the box and the dial establishes a homogeneous block of the same hue. Both of these instrument watches have been designed according to the principles of industrial design. Based on a square case, with pure and simple lines, they return to basics. These contemporary timepieces have their character and evoke the realm of the air. They share a minimalist design, hyper-readability and the micro blasted steel gives them modernity and purity.




This chronograph comes in a limited edition of 500 pieces and brings to mind light (“Lum”), and readability. Superluminova® treatment facilitates reading during the day and at nighttime. The color used for lighting landing strips, an intense green light that illuminates the tracks in the dark, is also used in the dial. It offers excellent luminescence and night readability. The indexes and giant numbers 12 and 6 are very legible and painted on the bottom plate. With its unparalleled brilliance, the green tinted Superluminova® C3 is ultra-phosphorescent and lasts a long time in the dark. It allows a persistent reading during the night hours. The dial has two counters for calculating short times and a tachymeter scale on the flange. The BR03-94 is mounted on a gray-green calfskin strap.





This three-hands model comes in a limited edition of 999 pieces, a simple and uncluttered display that features a graphic dial with clear indications. The case, in Bell & Ross’ emblematic shape, is machined in matt micro blasted steel. The dial design is simple. The bar indexes and the four numbers: 12, 3, 6 and 9 enable an easy reading. This type of display is a classic at Bell & Ross, and its effectiveness is very well established. The identical finish of the box and the dial establishes a homogeneous block of the same hue. Indexes and hands play on the black and gray contrast, which guarantees optimal readability.




The BR03-94 Horolum and BR03-92 Horoblack instrument watches have been designed according to the principles of industrial design. Based on a square case, with pure and simple lines, they return to basics. These contemporary timepieces have their character and evoke the realm of the air. They share a minimalist design, hyper-readability and the micro blasted steel gives them modernity and purity.

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Le coup de foudre, that instantaneous love, the love that makes your eyes shine, your heart beat faster, heightens your senses and makes your life more intense. This is what UR-106 is talking about in its Flower Power version, a limited edition of only 11 pieces. Of course, it is an URWERK. Of course, it is complicated. Of course, it is an example of Haute Horlogerie. But above all, this UR-106 is beautiful, desirable and addictive.

Focus on an example of poetic mechanical jewellery.

Finding the right adjectives to describe the URWERK watches is always a challenge. Creations of luxury watchmaking, original to say the least. What is certain is that they all have a touch of eccentricity that sets them apart from the rest. The UR-106 Flower Power is no exception. Here is a happy marriage between steel and diamond, technique and gentleness, manual dexterity and mechanical precision.

The UR-106 Flower Power casing houses no fewer than 239 Top Wesselton quality diamonds making a total of 2.53 carats (crown included). Its execution was supervised by the house of Magnin located in Geneva, who have specialised in watchmaking assembly since 1959. “One of the biggest problems in mounting arises from the complexity of the casing. We began with a single block of steel, a metal that is exceptionally hard and difficult to work with. We had to pave the perimeter of the glass, a rounded, convex curve, and its outer frieze. We then sourced, cut and ordered the appropriate stones for a paving in a crescendo fashion, as in a mandala,” explains Patrick Magnin, the CEO.
Run a piece of fine silk over this part encrusted with diamonds and the fabric slides smoothly over the casing. This is the cruellest and most uncompromising of tests, which the UR-106 Flower Power passes with flying colours. Because every piece of jewellery must meet draconian criteria. The effort, the hours of work, must be imperceptible. The gemstones fit neatly into the material. They are not constrained, but held in place, highlighted in the hollow of the metal.

Added to this decorative work on the casing is the beautiful workmanship carried out on the UR-106 Flower Power carousel itself.  Martin Frei, co-founder of the URWERK house and chief designer, says: “Ever since the launch of the 106 line in 2015, I have been dreaming of its different variations. Playing with diamonds and light is one of my greatest pleasures. We worked extensively with our engineer on the sketches of the flowers in this piece. We ran various tests on wax models before finally achieving the desired result. Each flower was then cast in white gold before being set and mounted on the carousel.”

A Lotus flower acts as a pivot to the satellite indication of this UR-106.  A delicate flower that houses no fewer than 30 diamonds, all adapted to fit by the expert hand of the jeweller. The only indication that this is a technical as well as an anaesthetic item is hidden in the heart of the motif, a watch screw with a perfect finish. Three ornaments in gold and diamonds complete this bucolic picture. Each is composed of five mounted petals; they fit delicately in between the hour satellites. These three flowers are like a pause in this perpetually-moving carousel. Flowers that the watchmaker gently affixes to his mechanism, ensuring a fragile balance.

This indication of the wandering hours, so dear to URWERK, consists of three satellites, each one carrying 4 indexes. One after another, they parade along the path of the minutes, showing the time in both analogue and digital fashion. A phase of the moon completes the UR-106 dial. “We have paid particular attention to the smallest details of the UR-106. We have taken 18 years to perfect this idea, and made no concessions. The carousel and its satellites have been patiently satin-finished and sanded by hand. Each hour and minute index is painted by us. The cutting of the minute track of extreme delicacy is performed in our workshops. The blue of the lunar phase borrowed from lapiz lazuli was chosen from hundreds of others; the cutting of the lotus at the back of the piece is just as Martin designed it. “

The result is in keeping with the amount of effort made. Will this bring about that hoped-for instantaneous love, that makes your eyes shine, your heart beat faster, that heightens your senses and makes your life more intense?

UR-106 Flower Power – Limited edition 11 copies

 Technical Specifications

Calibre: UR 6.01 self-winding, 48 hours of reserve power


Finishes: Beading, sanding, satin-finishing

Bevelled screw heads

Dial Central flower in white gold set with 30 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.184 ct); 3 small flowers in white gold set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.522 ct)


Sanded and satin-finished platinum

Hour satellites and carousel in titanium sanded and satin-finished by hand

Serrated minute track

Phases of the moon

Handed-painted hour and minute indications – SuperLuminova




Hour satellite; minutes, lunar phases

Materials: UR-106 Flower Power steel casing and diamond set titanium crown
Dimensions: Width 35 mm; length: 49.4 mm; thickness: 14.45 mm


Glass: Sapphire crystal


Water resistance: Pressure tested to 30 m / 3 ATM



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Freak Vision from Ulysse Nardin

Meet the unbelievable. Ulysse Nardin breaks moulds, challenges conventions and dares you to explore treasures from the ocean. Some birds are not meant to be caged, that’s all. This is called Freedom and Freedom lies in being bold. Join us, eyes on the world, travel through time, and discover the new Freak. Are you ready to believe?

Introducing the first automatic watch in the Freak Collection, the Freak Vision: a Haute Horlogerie wonder incorporating the revolutionary innovations unveiled in the Ulysse Nardin InnoVision 2 Concept Watch at SIHH 2017. Among the game-changers: a super-light silicium balance wheel with nickel mass elements and stabilizing micro-blades and a new case design made even thinner by a box-domed crystal.

Time is still indicated in the “Freak” manner that sets the collection apart: by the baguette movement itself, a “flying carrousel” rotating around its own axis. Yet the design components are completely different. The new 3D carved upper bridge is inspired by a boat’s hull. The new box-domed sapphire allows for a thinner middle and bezel. Finally, the entire case itself is new—horns, bezel, the rubber on the side—making for a look that is much more open and generous.

Ulysse Nardin is a pioneer of innovations in timekeeping, not least for its unprecedented mastery of silicium, which it introduced to Haute Horlogerie in the first Freak timepiece, in 2001. Now it audaciously pushes the technology further by welding it—another patented first—with solid nickel elements, to create an astonishingly light balance wheel. It then adds silicium micro-blades to stabilize amplitudes and significantly increase accuracy.

Other technical firsts are:

The Grinder Automatic Winding System, which completely revolutionizes energy transmission, surpassing existing systems for efficiency by a factor of two. Grinder takes perfect advantage of even the slightest movement of the wrist. The oscillating rotor is linked to a frame containing four arms, which gives the automatic system twice the torque – like having four pedals on a bike instead of two – while a flexible guidance mechanism drastically limits friction.

The Ulysse Nardin Anchor Escapement is based on the principle of flexible mechanisms, exploiting the elasticity of flat springs. It presents a constant force escapement made entirely of silicium, and features a circular frame with a pallet fork that moves without friction. The pallet fork is fixed in the center and supported in space on two minuscule blade springs. Mounted perpendicular to each other, they are subjected to a bending force that curves and keeps them in a bi-stable state. The result is a positive energy balance that maintains the oscillations of the balance wheel at a constant rate without influence of torque variation from the mainspring.

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Bell & Ross’ saga started in an aircraft cockpit and was driven by the ambition of designing watches directly inspired by aeronautical instrumentation, the ultimate point of reference regarding precision, legibility and reliability.

In just a century, the aircraft has evolved from the Wright brothers’  biplane to the Rafale. Regardless of the era and the device itself, watches have always been a precious aid helping crews with navigation and providing operational support to pilots. The stakes are even higher when the aircrafts are involved in combat missions. This is why all military-inspired Bell & Ross watches comply with the strict specifications established by the armed forces. The heritage between today’s Bell & Ross watches and their glorious predecessors is strong. So, when Bell & Ross decided to launch a watch collection in 2009 highlighting the key eras in aviation history,
what name could be more apt than Heritage?

The distinctive feature of the BR Heritage collection is that it unifies its models, of varied forms and functions, around a common concept. Square, round, three-hand or chronograph, they all share the characteristic of expressing the passage of time through colors and a patina that give them a vintage look. Thanks to this aesthetic effect, and the combination of beige numerals on a black background designed by Bell & Ross, they have managed to introduce an iconic style into the watch market. Now, the flagship collection starts a new chapter with the BR V2-92 and BR V2-94 Steel Heritage.

The new versions feature the iconic black dial with its traditional sandcoloured
12, 3, 6 and 9 numerals, as if aged by the patina of time. They
evoke the past, and at the same time belong to the modern era, thanks
to the latest watchmaking technologies and materials that combine
high performance with a retro spirit.
The details include a polished/satin-finished steel case with a slightly
smaller diameter of 41 mm, push-buttons and a screw-down crown to
reinforce the water-resistance of the case, rounded lugs that match
the new metal bracelet with fine links to ensure it sits comfortably on
any wrist, and the sapphire crystal with an ultra-curved finish to evoke
the style of vintage watches.
Inspired by instrument panels from 1960s aircrafts, the BR V2-92 and
BR V2-94 Steel Heritage measure time with precision whilst cultivating
a resolutely retro look. A Vintage spirit with the Heritage concept at
its heart.


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Christophe Clarat’s Maestro Mamba


Who’s afraid of the venomous Mamba? Definitely not Christophe Claret, who has tamed its dangerous beauty, the better to reveal it at the heart of the Maestro Mamba in a 28-piece limited edition. The sinuous, meticulously hand-engraved body of the African snake coils around the movement. Will you be able to resist the mortal enchantment of its bite?

Christophe Claret is a born provocateur, now venturing into the perilous wilds of the African jungle by placing the voluptuous undulations of one of the world’s most dangerous snakes at the heart of the Maestro watch. Agile, swift and incomparably aggressive, the green Mamba appears ready to strike anyone who comes within reach of its toxic venom. Wrapped around the movement, its undulating hand-engraved body creates a powerful contrast between the tangy green brilliancy of its scales and the matt black shade of the movement. Surging from the intricacies of the movement, between the hours and minutes hands, the MEMO function indicator and the sprung balance, the Mamba defies all challengers with its piercing eyes. A threatening and disturbing vision enveloping the horological mechanism with a dangerous aura of mystery.

Having decided to craft the strap in authentic green Mamba skin, Christophe Claret left no stone unturned. An obstinate quest led him to Mozambique, where the Mamba was hunted on land belonging to the owner of the largest tsavorite mine – which is why the watchmaker chose these gems to adorn the Maestro Mamba.

Technical jungle

The Maestro watch was a natural choice to accommodate the rippling coils of the Mamba snake. Following the model unveiled in 2017 and infusing a new dynamic into the Tradition collection, the Maestro Mamba appeals through both its shape and its proportions, including the pure and powerful lines of its 42 mm black PVD-treated titanium case topped by an impressive sapphire crystal dome. A boldly contemporary model intended for trendsetters and influencers, the Maestro offers a spectacular view of the movement and the snake’s sinuous body, which may be admired from every angle and along every sleek scale. The Maestro is also ideal because of its hand-wound movement, whose skilfully arranged components are displayed in all their glorious technical profusion, vividly reflecting that of a luxuriant jungle.

The overall construction is revealed through a multi-dimensional architecture. Like all timepieces by Christophe Claret, the Maestro showcases a wealth of details mingling technical and aesthetic elements in an exceptionally coherent manner. Brand enthusiasts will recognize the watchmaker’s inimitable touch in the famous Charles X stepped and skeletonized bridges – with 26 interior angles – that have become a signature of the Maison. The skeleton-working of the bridge supporting the escapement represents a clever blend of classicism and modernity that affords a chance to appreciate all its subtle features.

The visual adventure through the intricacies of the movement continues with two series-coupled barrels ensuring optimal efficiency and majestically positioned at 12 o’clock. Here too, the bridges are skeletonized to provide an exemplary view of the blade spring of the first barrel and thus enable the wearer of the watch to gauge the state of the seven-day power reserve.

A return to fundamentals

In terms of horological complications, the Maestro Mamba once again illustrates the creative audacity cultivated by Christophe Claret. Witness the patented large date display at 5 o’clock, composed of two cones – one for the tens on the upper part and the second for the units – and performing a semi-instantaneous jump between midnight and twenty past midnight. As if to echo the 3D effect of this voluminous date display, the Maestro’s characteristic MEMO function appears between 3 and 4 o’clock. Inspired by the expression “tie a knot in your handkerchief” to help one remember something important, the MEMO is an ingenious mechanical reminder intended for absent-minded individuals as well as fans of technical gadgets. Whatever daily objective the owner of the Maestro has set himself, the MEMO is there to remind him of his commitments. In the initial position, meaning when the owner must do something, a tsavorite appears at 6 o’clock on the side face of the MEMO, like the gem set at its top. Once the objective has been met, a simple press on the pusher at 2 o’clock pivots the MEMO function, which will display a diamond on its side face at 6 o’clock, instead of the tsavorite. The MEMO will return to its initial position each night in a twenty-minute process driven by a semi-instantaneous jump system.

Whether it’s a cue to pay a daily compliment to a loved one, to meditate for ten minutes a day, to do a good deed, to avoid a trap or avert a danger: there are any number of good reasons to activate the MEMO. But one thing is for sure: with death lurking in the black eyes of this snake that is as aggressive as it is venomous, and when the possibility of its mortal sting thus accompanies every minute, hour and day, the Maestro Mamba provides a constant reminder of fate and the fragile nature of time.

The highly complex Maestro watches come in two new black PVD-treated titanium versions respectively fitted with green Mamba and orange Pantherophis snakeskin straps. These two 28-piece limited editions each retail at CHF 96,000.



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