Create your dream ring with the Bellagio Jewellers touch

Adding your subtle touch of personal inspiration to the glamour of gold and diamonds is what turns jewellery into treasure. Bellagio has a specialized design studio and manufacturing division dedicated to realizing the dreams of our clients, to own a piece of jewellery that is truly unique and personal.

Our team of designers is responsible for all in-house design. They are there to make sure our client’s ideas are transformed into reality and manufactured to perfection. In pursuit of perfection we use only the best in state of the art machinery and a delicate human touch conforming to the highest international standards and ensuring our clients enjoy only the finest quality.

Dedication to quality and attention to detail are qualities we pride ourselves on. Born into the industry, our Master Goldsmiths fuse the skill and secrets of a bygone era with present day know-how, crafting each individual piece to perfection.

Step into our stores and let our designers help you make your ideas come true.

Bellagio Jewellers is a family run business that has 60 years of experience in the industry that has been passed down from generation to generation. The family members are present in each store in order to assist with all clients’ requests. This emphasises the dedication and pride we take in offering our customers the best service possible.

We have qualified designers based in our Sandton store to help you design your perfect jewellery piece – we will assist you through the process to design and create your dream piece.

We believe that the most important factor is providing our clients’ with outstanding jewellery pieces that will complement their lives. We are fortunate to have the best master jewellers with years of experience to provide you with utmost quality.

We offer our clients exclusive limited edition jewellery items.