Precious Metal Bands

The legendary tale began the day you chose him, the man like no other, the one who stands up, above the rest, your one true Legend. The Legend Precious Gents Band collection is available in Platinum, 18ct and 9ct White, Rose and Yellow Gold as well as Sterling Silver. These can be specially ordered in any combination you like. All bands have a solid comfort fit finish on the inside and can be sized.

Forge Your Legacy.

Tungsten Carbide Bands

King Arthur – The King of Legend, known for his bravery, leadership and honour. His legacy is known around the world.

Merlin – The wise and majestic wizard to whom all are compared, it is he who forged the mighty Excalibur and sent Arthur on to greatness.

Lancelot – The First Knight of the Round Table, known for his chivalry, courtesy and courage, he was the greatest fighter and swordsman of all the Knights of the Round Table.

Some of the most popular wedding bands today are made from Tungsten Carbide. While very affordable, our Tungsten bands come in a range of styles to suit even the most discerning of Legends. Tungsten Carbide bands are the most durable in the world, due to its extreme strength and resilience against scratching, it is ideal for a men’s band. All bands have a comfort fit finish on the inside. Tungsten Carbide rings cannot be sized; fortunately we do offer a lifetime size replacement guarantee on them. Invest in timeless jewellery that will withstand the test of time.

Live the Legend


Beaded Bracelets

Made only with the finest gem stones and paired with sterling silver or gold beads, the Legend beaded bracelets are the perfect extension of your personality.

Unlock the Legend Within.

What Makes a Legend?

We all have roles to play in life. What is yours? Will you be remembered for it years from now, when you’re long gone? A legend is someone who leaves behind an unforgettable impression on others. They touch lives, they’re remembered, and they’re cherished. The one thing that you might not be aware of is that becoming a legend is all about a sole choice that you make. Legendary individuals think beyond the outside of the box. They are the ones that set the boundary, only to cross over it. Your vision should exceed all expectations. It should even surprise you. Crazy as your dreams may seem, you must stay the course. Often what separates the average from the legendary is the small matter of persistence. Fortune certainly favours the brave.

The Tungsten LEGEND Lifetime Size Replacement Guarantee:

If the original purchaser’s finger size ever changes, LEGEND will resize or replace the ring FOREVER, for a shipping and handling fee. Your LEGEND ring, designed and crafted to exacting quality standards is warranted against imperfection in design, materials and workmanship, FOREVER.  Any ring not meeting these standards will be repaired or replaced. Your ring must be sent to LEGEND for this warranty to be valid. If any party, other than LEGEND has worked on your ring, the warranty coverage terminates.

The warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable. The warranty does not cover normal wear, which includes plating, inlays, personalised engraved rings or custom manufactured rings. Rings that are cracked, chipped or broken will not be covered by the replacement guarantee. LEGEND may substitute a similar style for discontinued styles. LEGEND is not responsible for the sentimental or intrinsic value of the original ring.