Platinum is 95% pure and is the most valuable because it is the finest quality of precious metals. Platinum is naturally white and will always maintain its colour. Platinum is denser than other precious metals and is therefore heavier than all other metals.

Platinum is the hardest of all precious metals and wears the best.


Gold has been used throughout history as a means of representing wealth. It has an opulent feel to it because of its significance and has a substantial weight. 18ct Gold is considered to be the best quality gold because it is malleable and therefore more valuable. Most goldsmiths prefer to work with it. 18ct Gold has a higher gold content than 14ct and 9ct gold. 9ct is harder than 18ct, however 18ct is more valuable than 9ct, as it is a more malleable metal and the preference for goldsmiths to work with.  18ct Gold has a higher gold content than 14ct and 9ct gold. The hallmarks are 9ct/375 pure or 14ct/575 or 18ct/750, which indicates the percentage of gold in the metal.  It is important to understand that yellow is the natural colour of gold. An 18ct gold ring has 75% pure fine gold and 25% of different alloy, which makes it white.

Bellagio makes use of one of the precious metals which is Rhodium to treat your jewellery piece in the whitening process. Rhodium will ensure that your finish stays whiter for longer.

From continuous wear, usually at the base of the ring, it may develop a tinge of yellow, which is treatable at an affordable charge of R250.00.

The Bellagio name is engraved in all items that have been designed and manufactured in our very own workshop, as our stamp of quality. The metal is indicated by the stamp which proves that the item is 9ct/18ct Gold or Pt. The ZA stamp is used to confirm that the jewellery that has been manufactured in South Africa.